Thursday, December 30, 2010

It's MY life...

So, Happy New Year's Eve Eve... 

I have now been married to the man of my DREAMS for a little over a year.  However, I am not happy with MY PART of my life.  What?  What in the world does that mean?

First, I love my husband DEARLY and I love being married to him.  I wouldn't change the gift I was given the day he walked into my life ever - EVER.  

What is wrong?  This once extremely organized woman has turned into a mess!  I used to have each task of my household scheduled on a certain day.  Now?  I'm lucky if I do laundry once a week!  I quit working six months ago so that I could become a Domestic Goddess!  I am now feeling like the Evil Stepsister!  

How to break this cycle of domestic chaos?  How to break the cycle of feeling completely unhealthy physically?  How to get the umph back in my life?  I do not yet know the answers.  I'm frustrated.  I sleep way to late in the morning.  I don't plan meals like I feel like I should.  I don't clean my home like I feel like I should... There isn't an area in my life right now where I don't feel like "I should"... 

I'm reaching out to the wide world of the internet... writing to my ONE blog follower!  Thank you, Kristen!  

What are you frustrated with in your life?  What would you change in the "I should" category? 

Life is a gift.. 

Sunday, December 19, 2010

New to Blogspot and WOW! I'm overwhelmed...

Okay, so I've had a Blogger account for a short while now.  I originally created this account so I could follow my friend Nancy's blog, Nancy's Kitchen Adventures.  

Then, I met a friend on Facebook, Kristen, that kept updating her status about all the Giveaways she was winning.  She's a BIG cloth diaper fanatic.  I now have her to thank for the endless hours I spend online trying to win stuff!  I mean, seriously... the possibilities are ENDLESS!  

I've yet to win anything, but I am finding countless blogs that are fantastic!!  

I'm going to master this site yet!!! 

Thanks for listening!

Kelly :)